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How to Enter an Allied Health Program-Overview

Enroll as a student at OCC getting a student I.D. number. Go to . Under “Admissions”, click on “Apply Now” and follow the instructions. If you are already an OCC student, go to #2. Once enrolled, there may be additional steps on campus such as matriculation along with English and math testing.


Enroll in Allied Health A010, Health Occupations. You will apply to a program within this class. You will be required to submit official sealed transcripts from other colleges attended as part of Allied Health A010, so you should start getting those copies.


Complete or transfer classes to meet the General Education requirements for the
Associate of Science Degree. The Associate of Science Degree information is listed in the College Catalog and College Class Schedule. It is imperative to complete English
A100 Freshman Composition and Math A030 Intermediate Algebra as soon as possible.


Complete or transfer the specific program prerequisite classes. There are five year time limits on certain prerequisite classes. See college catalog.


Make sure to provide the School of Allied Health Professions Office with copies of transcripts as you complete requirements.


If you submit transcripts from other colleges, allow adequate time after submission of transcripts before making an appointment to develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP).
It takes about eight weeks for official evaluation by the Records Office.
Set up an appointment with the Allied Health Counselor: then click the “Make an Appointment” tab on the left hand side or call an Academic Counselor (714-432-5078) to develop a Student Education Plan
(SEP). This plan will assist you in courses you have completed, those in progress, and those still needed. Submit a copy of this plan each time you have it updated to the School of Allied Health

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