Alleviate Silo Effects ---Build a Healthy Enterprise.

Topics: Management, Leadership / Pages: 4 (1069 words) / Published: Sep 2nd, 2014
Alleviate Silo Effects ---Build a Healthy Enterprise.
It can be said that effectiveness is jeopardized when interdepartmental conflict has happened in many enterprises. This phenomena extends to misunderstanding of each other, nonfeasance of department work and inconsiderate of the whole enterprise. As a result of those effective less actions, business lose time, money and quality. Also, it can be said that manager can not quickly responds when those conflict happen. The business hierarchy does well in control process, but block information collection. The poor cross-functional communication across departments or business unit, is a reality for many organizations. As the organization rise and become more complex and developed, the “Silo Virus”(Schuetz & Bloch 2006) leads to departmental isolation, and unsustainable result the failure of business. This essay will therefore discuss the poor cross-functional communication across departments or business units, give some of the main reasons for cause it, and developed effective remedies for ailing enterprises. Also, possible strategies in which to alleviate silo effect in the future will be outlined and explored.

The definition of poor cross-functional communication across departments or business units is a managerial problem which lead the business out comes far from their established goals. A managerial problem due to the failure cooperation among different departments. The group of people mix together share aims, perceptions and preference to organize a enterprise, actually, it is very hard to make everyone in the enterprise get their large profit as they want, but through manage of organization, people could achieve their largest value. With this platform, individual will play a big collective strength. However, Howard G. and Noel W.(2004) state that communication problems in the organization are not unlike the progressive development of a headache. If the initial bodily cues are ignored or not monitored, the

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