Aldi Market Entry Strategy

Topics: Sales, Customer, Customer service Pages: 3 (489 words) Published: November 18, 2008
Building Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty matters because selling more to existing customer is much easier, and cheaper, than looking for and selling to new customers. On the other hand, it is significant to obtain new customers. Nevertheless, new customer requires more investment to make them loyal.

This briefing covers:

• Understanding who are T-mobile’s most valuable customers

• How to achieve a high standard of T-mobile customer care for all customers

• How to turn most T-mobile valuable customers into T-mobile most loyal customers

Five Essential Focus Points

Customer care
• Train (encourage) employees to deliver high-quality services. • Make sure employees have good communication skills. As we know UK is populated by people from all the world, whose English often is not a first language. T-mobile could have operators fluent in languages of the biggest minorities in the UK (Chinese, Urdu, Polish, Italian, Russian, French etc.) • Train employees to deal with clients in a professional way (remember that a sales person needs to know how to communicate with potential customer). Furthermore, to deal with angry customers solve out their problems effectively. • Ask current clients of T-Mobile ‘what changes they would like to see in the company’ (customer questionnaire) • Ask employees for ideas on how customer service could be improved. (Make employees loyal)

• Events – concerts, special events with pop stars, new phone presentation

Customer loyalty
• To build trust - take advantage of website to establish trust from the first visit. Make the website very simple, because people do not like complicated. • To build relationship - Understanding customers need build a good relation. • Customer recognition: Loyal customers expect to be recognized and treated differently. Ask customer to opt-in to receive regular email contact, instead of automatically including them and then...
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