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Aldi’s structure


Internal and external assessment
Current strategy and goals
Porter’s 5 forces
SWOT analysis
Current communications


Goals and objectives
Future goals


Strategy Formulation

Corporate structure

Germany-based Aldi, divided into
Aldi Nord (north) and Süd (south),is
the world’s leading hard discount
grocer and inventor of this
unconventional concept.

It has a single-format strategy with a
presence in Europe, Australia and
the USA (where Aldi Nord also owns
Trader Joe’s supermarkets).

Aldi is focused on efficiency and cost
control through limited assortments,
limited services, low prices, small
footprints and private labels

Mission Statement
• “Spend a little, Live a lot”
• “Top quality at incredibly low prices- guaranteed”
ALDI’s 4 main visions:
1) Large savings
2) Great quality
3) Exceptional value
4) Special offers


Constant Discount
& Refund

Products & Services Offered

Exclusive sales

Brand Items

Current strategy

Everything as lean as possible

Average size of stores is 836 square metres, (3500 to 4500 sq m for a conventional supermarket)
Getting sales figures of all products, then manufacture, replicate or improve on market leaders
Little press advertising, no petrol price gimmicks, no complex deals with manufacturers
Two managing directors are reinvigorating Aldi UK, introducing more British products and taking it upmarket.

Approve every price change and sample every new and reformulated product

Porter`s five forces

“Competitive advantage can be
defined as when the firm is able
to make profits by still offering
the customer a less price. ”
(Porter, 1985)

- Strong own-Brand product range
- Good household offers (everyday goods)
- Simple consumer proposition based on price
- Own-labelled products have been recognized in
various competitions
- Organic products available


- Low customer loyalty in UK
- Lack of promotions
- Less advertising and public relations to stay
customer oriented
- Conservative attitude towards change


- Expanding its e-commerce presence

- UK expansion to 1000 stores by 2022
- Create 35,000 jobs
- Expand own product range
- Improving brand image to attract more consumers

- Competition from other grocery channel
- Price competition
- 70 % of Aldi’s products are own-labels products


Current communications

TV advertising-20 seconds the “Like brands” campaign
Printed leaflets-1 million copies printed every week
Newspaper adverts-the ‘Like brands’ campaign and Aldi’s ‘Swap and Save’ message In store posters
Direct –emails
Social media-830 905 Facebook likes and 115 K followers on Twitter Recipe ideas and product offers available through Aldi’s website Dedicated recruitment website to promote its employer brand messages and career opportunities


To demonstrate that Aldi brands are of equal quality to well known brands by increasing their sales with 10% in the next year

To increase its market share to 7%

To increase positive earned media coverage by 15% within the year of 2015

To become greener by producing 5% less waste by the end of the next quarter

Differentiate from Lidl /hard discounter

Over 60% of the suppliers to be British


Social Media
Loyalty Card
Home Delivery


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