Week 1 Favorite Brand Paper

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Week 1 - Favorite Brand Paper - Individual Assignment
MKT - 421
September 30, 2014
Week 1 - Favorite Brand Paper - Individual Assignment
Supermarket brands provide people with a wide variety of options for meeting their shopping needs, with not only the specific types of products and goods offered, but by the unique level of quality and service to which those goods and services reach the minds of consumers. Over the years, these supermarket brands have maintained a firm and loyal customer base while consistently acquiring new ones, using various marketing tools; such as the four P’s of marketing. Offering benefits like, everyday low prices, loyalty rewards, and store credit cards demonstrate examples of how supermarket brands implement various marketing tools. Delight and devotion for a particular brand are one of the many things manufactures strive for and businesses value; combing that with reasonable prices and other incentives creates an environment for loyal customers develop.

Identify brand and explain why passionate about it
In 1957, Dillon Co. purchased King Soopers Inc. from founder Lloyd J. King, who had started King Soopers Inc. in 1947, and by 1983, Dillon Co. merged with Kroger Co.; which now rakes in over $1.8 billion annually (The Kroger Company, 2014). King Soopers Inc. (KSI) is a supermarket brand to which passion and loyalty reside. Three things come to mind why passion and loyalty remain with King Soopers Inc., quality, convenience of location, and reasonably low prices. The first topic on quality is very important; (KSI) has always maintained a very high standard in regards to quality; from the freshness’s of their fruits and vegetable department, to quality standards in which those products and others are presented. Second, the convenience of locations is great; within a 3-5miles radius, there are at least 3-4 locations, and within a 10-12 mile radius, there are at least another 4-5 locations. Now, this third reason is the number reason (KSI) is desired over any other brand; low prices on nearly everything in the store, more importantly in what is purchased, seals the deal as to why King Soopers Inc. is approved by loyal customer.

Tactics used by King Soopers Inc. (KSI) in relation to the four P’s Product, price, promotion, and place, the four P’s of marketing, (KSI)’s use of the four P’s is both effective and efficient in meeting their marketing needs (Perreault, W. D., Jr., Cannon, J. P., & McCarthy, E. J., 2011). Through various examples (KSI) demonstrates how they use the four P’s. Product is the first P to be covered; every human needs and requires food to survive, (KSI) does this by providing quality food at very reasonable prices. Next is price, (KSI) deals directly with both farmers and manufactures to help ensure that both the quality and price of products bought and sold is fair and safe. They also do this to safeguard that neither quality nor price is compromised for sake of saving a few dollars. (KSI) worries very little about competitions pricing for two reasons; first they already have low prices and second, (KSI) matches any competitors price on the same item.

Due to all the advancements in technology , more specifically smart phones; (KSI) has adapted to changes by creating digital weekly sales ads, phone apps, and the traditional mail flyer. Occasionally, loyalty reward customers will receive additional coupons for products they regularly purchase. These examples all reveal the promotion marketing principle. The last of the four marketing P’s is place; as previously mentioned King Soopers Inc. (KSI) has numerous supermarkets just in the Aurora/Centennial area alone that are roughly 3-10 miles away from each other in every direction; that’s north, south, and west. Having so many locations in close proximity of makes it extremely easy for (KSI) to meet the needs of many diverse communities. (KSI) competitors do not operate in the manner as...

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