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Case Study: Alcan Australia Limited

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Executive summary

In the modern era to be one in its own and to be global leading firm, not only huge investments and large infrastructure required, along with these there is a great need of perfect, efficient and effective leadership, leadership programs and motivational skills. These entire together make a firm more innovative and perfectly sound .The example is here Alcan’s Australia Limited which is a mixture of all these skills and effective operations and today, a Australian leading company.


1. What do you believe were the key reasons for the success of the Alcan’s leadership training programs?

2. What motivation principles are highlighted by Alcan’s leadership training programs ?

About the company (Alcan Australia Limited)
Alcan Australia Limited The Australian Aluminium Company was created in 1936, later becoming Alcan Australia Ltd. In October 2007, leading mining organisation Rio Tinto acquired Alcan. Alcan integrated with Rio Tinto's existing aluminium business, resulting in Rio Tinto Alcan. Rio Tinto Alcan claim to be the global leader in the aluminium business. “We are one of the world's largest producers of bauxite, alumina and aluminium. Our leadership is reinforced by our: * Extensive project pipeline

* Benchmark smelting technology 
* Enviable hydropower position
Sustainable development principles guide our actions and decisions. Health, safety and environmental excellence are top priorities.” (Source 07/08/2012)


Answer 1 -There are a number of reasons which make Alcan Australia a successful company and a global leading firm. All its success depends on a number of key leadership theories and basic leadership skills and principles which we can found clearly from the case study and which are mainly as follow:- * Path goal theory

* Principles of leadership
* Maslow hierarchy of needs

Path goal theory

(Source : Developing Management Skills: A Comprehensive Guide for Leaders, 4th ed., Frenchs Forest NSW: Pearson Education Australia.)

It is a simple theory which is normally used by every global firm to be effective and efficient in its operations and to attain its goals. It comprises of basic skills and principles that is need to be used to be focused on the goals and to achieve them.

* A contingency theory of leadership that appears to be particularly appropriate in a team leadership context is Path-Goal Theory.

* Path-Goal Theory views the leader’s job as:
* assisting followers in attaining their goals
* Providing the necessary direction and support to ensure that their goals are compatible with organisational objectives.

* So in the same way in the case study it is clear that the Leader help their followers in attaining goals and reduce roadblocks to success and they tried to change behaviours to fit the situation (environmental contingencies and subordinate contingencies).

In the same way they assist their followers to achieve their goals because it is necessary for leaders to adopt leadership behaviours that are appropriate to the situation like in this case they used it for making effective leadership leadership programs.

These roles are played by different leaders in this case study thus it leads company towards success.

Principles of leadership

There are another four leadership principles which are used here by the Alcan’s company to be goal-oriented and on path.

These are:-
1. Provide clear direction- It involve providing employees with: * Clear targets
* Clear instructions about work methods, etc.
* Clarification of roles
* Schedules of specific...
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