Al Capone Essay

Topics: Prohibition in the United States, Al Capone, Johnny Torrio Pages: 3 (1110 words) Published: July 11, 2013
Alphonse Gabriel Capone, also known as Al Capone is recognized as one of America’s best known gangsters. Capone has a leading role in numerous illegal activities in Chicago, leading its reputation to be known as an unlawful city. He is the one who collapsed law and order during the prohibition era in the 1920’s by developing a business which sold bootlegged liquor, racketeering, prostitution, and gambling in Chicago. Al Capone has a story which is very unique to majority of other entrepreneurs which grasped my attention. He is an individual who had taken an important responsibility, of becoming the business executive at an early age of 26. Capone developed and expanded a business at a fast pace, compared to many other businesses. He eventually had become a full partner in the saloons, gambling houses, and brothels proving the potential he held. You learn from mistakes by taking chances, trying and failing. Our society is formed by risk-takers; individuals who step out of their comfort zone and grow organizations associated with risk. Therefore, it is important and extremely beneficial for an entrepreneur to be risk-taking. This characteristic has guided Al Capone through his career in business. He is a man who took risks countless times, many of which had become a great opportunity to his success. Capone expanded and developed an immensely risky business, while knowing the high risks involved and the high possibilities of him losing lots in financial and social areas. Capone knew if he was caught, he would be arrested and sent to jail for numerous years, and also be financially responsible for any expenses and fines given. In conclusion, it is clear that Al Capone was very risk-taking, by owning an illegal business. Views upon Al Capone’s personality varied greatly from a flexible and considerate individual, to someone who was immoral and harsh. This range of personality set him apart from all others which led to the success of his business. A successful...
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