Get Capone: the Rise and Fall of America’s Most Wanted Gangster

Topics: Al Capone, Prohibition in the United States, Bugs Moran Pages: 4 (1705 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Get Capone: The Rise and Fall of America’s Most Wanted Gangster
Al Capone. Everyone is bound to hear the name at least once in his or her life. The charming, broad smile, the greenish gray eyes, heavy set, and five foot ten and a half; a seemingly normal man. Until someone notices the scars. A faded purple, still fresh looking, Al Capone’s scars marred the normal face, they gave a glance into the life of the notorious gangster. But who was Mr. Alphonse “Scarface” Capone? One reporter comments, “… Here is a man [Capone] who is an enigmatic, a man who nobody knows, not even his closest intimates.’” (Eig 198) What did the public think of “Scarface”? Katherine Geroud said, "It is not because Capone is different that he takes the imagination; it is because he is so gorgeously and typically American." (Mr. Capone Quotes) What was this mysterious man involved in? Al Capone was a complex man who controlled countless illegal businesses and somehow managed to catch the attention and interest of America as a whole. Al Capone was a complicated man; even though he scammed many people, Capone gave back to his community by creating soup kitchens and other forms of charity. Despite all this he appeared on up and coming gang leader, Johnny Torrio’s, radar. Capone went to Chicago to work for Mr. Torrio. “Capone was twenty-one years old and new in town. He worked in Chicago’s Levee District, south of downtown, a neighborhood of sleazy bars and bordellos, where a man, if he cared about his health, tried not to stay long and tried not to touch anything.” (Eig 3) Capone was a great asset to the gang; after all he had grown up in the business. He was involved with street gangs when he dropped out of school in sixth grade, and worked as a bouncer when he got older. He tended to the bar called The Four Deuces; other times he resorted to his old job and worked the front door, acting as a bouncer. Soon, the Prohibition law came around and Torrio and Capone found themselves in a new...

Cited: Hollatz, Tom. Gangster Holidays: The Lore and Legends of the Bad Guys. St. Cloud, MN: North Star of St. Cloud, 1989. Print. This book was used to gather more information on the St. Valentine 's Day Massacre. I paraphrased it.
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