SOC Untouchables

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Martin Lynch
SOC 3620

The Untouchables
The year is 1930 in the beautiful yet corrupt city of Chicago, Illinois. The entire United States is right in the thick of prohibition and the face of the corruption leads directly to Al Capone. Capone has the entire city of Chicago in the palm of his hand. Including the mayor himself, William Hale Thompson. The United States government finally decides to intervene and take down Capone with the hiring of a member of the US Treasury department to lead up a new division. The member of the Treasury department who will be leading the new division is Eliot Ness, who was actually born in Chicago.

In the beginning, Ness has an informant in the outfit of Al Capone from the Treasury department who has been undercover for quite some time has found news of a big shipment of Canadian whiskey making its way down to Chicago. The initial plan for Ness is to use a large number of uniformed police officers to conduct a raid. The attempt of the bust fails because one or more police officers under Ness must have tipped off the Capone organization what the plan was. Furthermore, Ness becomes front page news for his failure and is mocked in the town of Chicago. Embarrassed and frustrated, Ness continues to look for his best option to nab Capone.

By chance, Eliot Ness has an encounter with an incorruptible Irish police officer named James Malone who is right around the corner from retiring from the Chicago police department. Eventually, Ness decides that he will need Malone by his side if he wants a chance to take down Capone. Malone’s knowledge of the city and experience on the job he makes himself a primary partner for Ness. Ness knowing this decides to ask Malone for his help. With that being said, Malone is extremely reluctant at first stating that he would rather live and continue his career as a beat cop until his time is up. Then when Malone changes his mind he urges Ness to understand what he is getting himself into. Malone says, "Capone pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That's the Chicago way, and that's how you get Capone."

The corruption is running rampant throughout the Chicago police force, Malone suggests that Ness recruit directly from the police academy in order to find team members who have not yet had a chance to come under Capone's influence. Italian-American trainee George Stone, formerly Giuseppe Petri, is enlisted for his superior shooting talent and the ability to hold his composure under pressure. Joined by Treasury accountant Oscar Wallace, who is detailed to Chicago from Washington by the government, Ness has built an incorruptible team, capable of taking down Capone once and for all.

Later, Malone and Stone find word of a large whiskey shipment coming in from Canada, and the team travels up north to set up a raid at the border. During the raid, Ness's team and a squad of Royal Canadian Police officers find and capture the shipment, arresting and or killing everyone involved in the illegal shipment. Malone captures one of Capone’s men who happens to be a bookkeeper named George and the team tries to make him talk to provide evidence against Capone for the investigation of tax evasion. George initially refuses to cooperate, even after Malone viciously begins to assault him. However, he changes his mind once Malone actually takes one of the dead bodies from the shipment and shoots him in the mouth to frighten him with George still believing he is alive.

As the “Untouchables” build the case against Capone they have the bookkeeper George and also another bookkeeper named Walter Payne. As Payne testifies in court against Capone, admitting his role in channeling money to Capone over the last three years. Ness, however, notices Capone relaxed and even smiling, despite the great odds of serving a long prison sentence. This is because Capone has the...
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