American Gangsters in 1920s vs. The American People

Topics: Gangster, Gang, Prohibition in the United States Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: January 30, 2015
One interpretation is that the American people were greatly angered by the activities of the gangsters in the 1920s. How far do you agree with this interpretation? [10]

The ordinary American people had been scared of the gangsters due to the amount of control the gangsters such as Al Capone had. This control meant Al Capone was able to cause violence and bootleg without getting in trouble. Evidence 1 shows that Al Capone bribed police and politicians during the 1920’s ,this shows that people would fear gangsters such as Al Capone because he did not need to worry about the US Government stopping him doing illegal activities. Another interpretation of this is the prohibition law set by the government made the American people fear gangsters. This law saw that alcohol was banned even in bars and out on the street. This then encouraged gangster’s to go out and either import alcohol illegally or go to hidden bars that sold alcohol which were called speakeasies. Evidence 2 shows that selling alcohol illegally was the best type of business, these activities happened during 1925-1930 and it angered the American people as they didn’t have much protection from the police, the amount of police trying to control the reaction to the prohibition wasn’t enough and meant gangsters were able to cause violence and drink without being caught. Another interpretation is the gang warfare that happened in 1929, this angered the American people because they had to live in fear of being shot or killed by a gang. Evidence 3 shows that St. Valentine’s Day Massacre had made the headline of the newspaper. This massacre was done by Al Capone. He had committed 200 murders between 1925-9; this leads to the interpretation of the American people having to live in fear. Gang warfare during the 1920’s was not uncommon because fighting for territory meant having a bigger status, and that is also why people had to live in fear and what angered them.
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