Airtel India Marketing and Sales

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1.4 Marketing and Sales

1.4.1 Sales

Airtel Digital TV's subscriber base stands at 6.26 million, according to data provided by the company till 30 June 2011. It has maintained its 25% incremental market share during the first quarter of the fiscal. Presently the market share of Airtel in the digital TV services market is 17.16% which it aims to increase through growth in value added services, strengthening of its interactive services portfolio, technological innoovations, content convergence etc.

1.4.2 Marketing and Communication

With the new innovation in its services, Airtel can aim to tap the ever growing digital tv market through providing customised plans for all segments of the market under a larger umbrella of TV for all. To reach out to the masses a combination of Promotion techniques including Digital Media, Advertisements, Print Media should be employed. Further, with services suited to needs of different segments within the market campaigns targeting the same must be applied. These may include youth oriented campaigns in terms of gaming competitions, campaigns targeting the avid movie watchers of different age groups and “era preferences” etc.

1.4.3 Distribution

Currently, Airtel Digital TV has 110000 retail points in over 150 cities across the country. It aims to increase this number to 250000 by the end of this fiscal. An already existing extensive distribution network is one of the key strengths that airtel has. Besides this, it can also use the large base of retailers of electronics, most importantly televisions and access this well-developed channel to market its Digital TV bundled with TVs sold across the country.
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