Telstra/Foxtel Business Report External Influences

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Business Report - Telstra/FOXTEL


The following report for Telstra Corporation Limited will suggest how the business can be helped through and be informed about the external influences that may effect the business at the present time or the future in relation to the continuance in the television market . The most relevant external influences would consist of the competitive situation, technological and markets. Tips will be provided to help the business help succeed in the current market and economy towards a successful future.


Through recent comments made by ‘Seven’, FOXTEL has a “monopoly” over the competitors in “basic pay television packages”, giving great signs of market power and future earnings. But as the market isn't very large, there is not the opportunity to spread to a large range of people and provide the chances of advertisement to other businesses looking for the best option for marketing possibilities. To make the best out of what the market is now, there must be researched carried out to the consumers who watch subscription television. Through this, the wants of the consumers will be recognized as FOXTEL can capitalize on this information and utilize it to improve time spent watching television by subscription households to improve ratings. The products and services must be modified to the effects of the market wants and actions, this is because the product must satisfy a customers wants and needs to convince them into a purchase and/or commitment to a service. Despite the small market, it has created a revenue of $3 Billion with an annual growth of

In Dr Williams report on FOXTEL’S market share for the period of 30th May 2004 - 15th January 2005Technological

Competitive Situation

Through the current market and economy, Telstra must keep up with current competitors to compete against them and have customers continue to stick to the business, while also attracting new customers. Large factors that...

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