Ai Advantages

Topics: Artificial intelligence, Expert system, Expert Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Short introduction to AI: Artificial intelligence (AI) is the branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines. There are many different fields where AI is used and many different implementations of it. Advantages:

-AI can accomplish tasks that to complex and too dangerous for humans (example: Mars-Mission curiosity), disarming bombs -for tasks that humans don't want to do (youtube porn rejection, violent scene recognition) -as they are machines there is no need for sleep, they don't get ill , there is no need for breaks, they are able to go, go, go! -when we are exploring new undiscovered land or even planets, when a machine gets broken or dies, there is no harm done as they don't feel, they don't have emotions. -They will make fewer mistakes, they are emotionless, they are more efficient, they are basically giving us more free time. -They are cheap employees.

-One group of AI applications are expert systems. Expert systems are computer-based systems that apply the substantial knowledge of a specialist be it in medicine, law, insurance, or almost any field to help solve complex problems without requiring a human. -There are several advantages to expert systems. For example, they give novices "instant expertise" in a particular area. They capture knowledge that might be lost if a human expert dies. Moreover, the knowledge of multiple experts can be integrated, at least theoretically, to make the system's expertise more comprehensive than that of any individual. -General Electric, for instance, developed a system called Delta that helps maintenance workers identify and correct malfunctions in locomotives. -Digital Equipment Corporation uses XCON (derived from "expert configurer") to match customers' needs with the most appropriate combination of computer input, output, and memory devices. The system uses more than 3,000 decision rules and 5,000 product descriptions to analyze sales orders and design lay-outs, ensuring that the company's...
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