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Annex ‘A’ to Form Th-1
National University of Sciences & Technology

1. Name: Muhammad Shahid2. Regn No.2011-NUST-ME-WRE-03
3. Department / Discipline: MS in Water Resources Engg: & Management 4. Institute:NICE
5. Thesis Topic:

Evaluation of Development and Land use Change Impacts on Stream Flow and Sediment Yield in Margalla Hills Using Remote Sensing and GIS: Case Study of Rawal Dam and Simly Dam Watershed.

6. Brief Description/ Abstract:

For this study Rawal and Simly dams watershed areas in Margalla Hills, which are subjected to rapid land-use changes due to residential and agriculture will be considered for Evaluation of development and land use impacts. The Rawal Lake located in Margalla Hills National park, Islamabad had storage capacity of 47,230 acre-feet and it was constructed in 1960 on Kurrang River .The Rawal Lake is main source of water supply for Islamabad and Rawalpindi city and cantonment. The sedimentation which originates from natural and human factors including many construction activities in its catchment area has reduced its storage capacity to 31,000 acre-feet by 2005. The Simly Dam is recognized as an essential constituent of the bulk water supply scheme for Islamabad. It is located 35 kilometers northeast of Islamabad it was constructed in 1982 and it had a storage capacity of 23,000 acre-feet. Its storage capacity was increased to 33,000 acre-feet in 2005.Its stores flows from two main streams namely the Soan Nullah and the Khad Nullah along with other small stream.

7. Level of research already carried out on the proposed topic:

A study was carried out to evaluate soil erosion by using Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) with GIS at Sub Watershed of Lake Rawal (Satrameel) during 1989-96 Combining the RUSLE with GIS tools was found useful for estimating soil loss on small size watershed for soil conservation and land use planning.

8. Reasons/...
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