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Hindi matter on fashion

By avantikak1996 Oct 14, 2014 302 Words
Why are dams needed?
Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan today is among one of the World’s fastest growing population, now estimated as over 170 million. Due to lack of large river regulation capability through sizeable storages, the country is already facing serious shortages in food grains. Given the present trend, Pakistan could soon become one of the food deficit countries in the near future. Therefore, there is a dire need to build storages for augmenting agriculture production. reservoirs have already lost about 5,000,000 acre feet (6.2×109 m3) due to sedimentation.  Electricity needed


India wants its supremacy in the region; therefore, it is not resolving the water and Kashmir disputes. Politics has strong links to trade as political disputes led to blocking of trade

India should display seriousness to practically resolve Kashmir and water disputes for trade and economic cooperation between Pakistan and India. Pakistani traders and industrialists want trade ties with India despite some reservations. There are chances of war on the water issue. Improvement in bilateral ties could benefit both the countries, but friendship should not be made at the cost of Kashmir and water.

Climate affects the IWT or India’s building of reservoirs??

It gives India rights to the natural flow of water of the Indus' three eastern tributaries - the Ravi, Sutlej and Beas - while Pakistan controls the main Indus channel itself and two western rivers, the Jhelum and Chenab. Pakistan has increasingly raised concerns about data sharing and transparency, particularly because the upper reaches of all of the rivers lie in Indian-controlled territory, giving that nation greater scope for control of the entire Indus river system.

harvesting summer stream water into 3,000 litre gravity-fed storage tanks.

Up to 30 percent of water is lost from the country's unlined irrigation canals, experts said. 

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