After School Jobs

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After school jobs
More than half of the United States twelfth graders average twenty or more hours of work per week. Some people say that after school jobs are beneficial because they give students a sense of responsibility, independence, and time management. These are all great things to practice however they can cut into schoolwork, family time, and personal time. These three things are very essential for a student. Family time is especially important because they know you the best and they are always there for you. Going straight to work after school can also be very tiring. High school students need all the sleep they can get, so working after school is ultimately a bad idea. After school jobs can be helpful to students who are in dire need of money but students should focus more on schoolwork, family time, and personal time since these things are most important. An after school job can cut into schoolwork, which is not a good idea. Schoolwork is very important and completing your homework each night is important in the long run. An after school job will either turn you away from your homework or push your homework off until late at night which can cut into sleeping patterns. In order to get a descent paying job later in life, finishing high school and some form of college is essential. A report conducted by the Institute of medicine and the National research council found that students who worked as many as fifteen hours per week dropped out of school at higher rates, had lower grades, and were not as likely to attend college. Based on that research it is better to be a full time student without a job than to be a part time student with an after school job. Being a part time student will set you up for a life full of struggles and complications. Since you will have a limited education, you will have limited job opportunities. Unless you want to work at Wal-Mart or McDonalds and enjoy a minimum wage salary for the rest of your life, a...
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