Affidavit Of Unauthorized Use

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Affidavit of Unauthorized Activity

Steps to complete the Affidavit of Unauthorized Activity:


COMPLETE the Affidavit of Unauthorized Activity as soon as possible. Delays on your part could slow the investigation. If you are unable to complete the affidavit, someone with power of attorney may complete it for you. If this affidavit is requested in a lawsuit, it may be provided to the requesting party. INCLUDE a complete listing of all unauthorized transactions that occurred in the account such as: • Deposits

• Withdrawals
• Purchase or sale of securities – include the name of the security, symbol, number of shares, and the dollar amount of the transaction
• Changes to account profile - email, phone number or bank account

SIGN the Affidavit of Unauthorized Activity in front of a Notary Public. SEND the completed Affidavit of Unauthorized Activity along with any supporting documents (for example, police report) to:
FAX document to:

Capital One ShareBuilder, Inc. fax number
(available 24 hours per day)
866.996.6417 or 206.805.0791

MAIL document to:

Capital One ShareBuilder, Inc.
P.O. Box 4249
Seattle, WA 98194-0249

Other Steps to Take if Unauthorized Activity Has Occurred:
Secure your computer:
• Some types of malware may require the assistance of a computer

professional to have them removed.
• Set your computer’s operating system to receive automatic updates if possible; if not, download and install updates regularly.
• Make sure you are using the most recent version of your Internet browser; previous versions can have security weaknesses that put you at risk. • Use an Internet browser that supports advanced security features such as phishing site detection, and support for extended security certificates, such as:

• Microsoft Internet Explorer v7 and up

• Mozilla Firefox v3 and up
• Use anti-virus and anti-spyware software and set them to auto-update as well. • Use identity theft...
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