Topics: Motivation, Employment, Wage Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Satisfaction in your job is more important than the money you earn.

All people are working during all they lives in order to earn money. Most of them work for an employer, some are self-employed and others just work as freelance. While money is still the prime measure of the welfare and the main purpose of people`s lives, I am thoroughly convince that it is essential to find a job that provides you with real satisfaction because of several reasons. 

First of all, as far as I am concerned, the job that you detest is like a penal servitude even if it is a well-paid one. Usually this job is rather uninteresting, exhausting or repetitive, and you just waiting all day long when it will finish and looking forward to escape from it as soon as you can. In my opinion, when you do not enjoy your job you slack your work and perform the task unwillingly; therefore, you will never get new skills and experiences, moreover, you will never be promoted and , as a result, never achieve a success in this profession. 

Secondly, an enjoyable work sometimes provides more satisfaction than money does. Selecting work that you really like, you can spend your time on this rather than on something you would rather not do, regardless of such consideration as salary. The most important point is that intrinsic rewards such as satisfaction are more important than extrinsic rewards like pay. Take, for instance, a journalist whose mission is to observe the latest events in the world. The main purpose of his work is to become noted and celebrated, but not rich. 

Furthermore, an enjoyable job gives an opportunity to achieve a success, and no matter is it money, fame or outstanding achievement. If you are carried away by your occupation, you are ready to work hard and to do your best to get good results. The most important point is that high qualification, profound knowledge and wide experience – are the components that lead you to success in attaining you personal goal. I contend that...
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