Advertising to Children

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A great variety of media can be used by advertisers in order to effectively target children. There are several media options to reach children, and other continuously evolving and acquiring stronger presence among them. This includes broadcast media, being television the most effective medium to reach children (Moore, 2004). Besides, print advertising, product placements, sales promotions and public relations cannot be underestimated as an effective media to reach children. However, there has been other media progressively emerging as a potential medium to reach children, Elizabeth Moore (2004) affirms that in-school marketing and packaging design are also potential tools for marketing children. TV ADVERTISING

Television remains as the most effective media to reach children. In the United States there is evidence that children watch television commercial for approximately five hours per week having access to as many as 25,000 commercials in a year. (Moore, 2004) Recent studies revealed that tweens watch TV as the single most important source of product information (Lindstrom and Seybold, 2003) Television commercials help children to create brand awareness in several product categories and also to create potentially opinion on them. EMERGING MEDIA

Nowadays new media represents prospective ways to reach children and enhance brand communication. Studies of media use suggest that other tools as the internet and print advertising used to reach children are supplementing Television rather than dispatching it (Montgomery, 2001) Moreover, advertising for individual brands now frequently appear in more than one media, capitalizing on the specific advantages of the different communication channels. (Moore, 2004) THE INTERNET

The internet lately has been considered as the emerging media to reach children and it represents a clear opportunity for advertisers. According to the US Department Education (2003) approximately 88% of children...
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