Advertising Plan for the University of Illinois at Springfield

Topics: Illinois, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, State universities in Illinois Pages: 4 (1145 words) Published: August 13, 2010
Advertising Plan for the University of Illinois at Springfield BU 446-8: Advertising
Renee A. Tesch
April 18, 2010

I. Executive Summary
This is the first comprehensive advertising plan for the University of Illinois at Springfield [ (UIS Strategic Plan, 2006) ] since 1992, when we were still known as Sangamon State University [ (UIS Strategic Plan, 2006) ]. The UIS has been part of the University of Illinois for 10 years, and it is time for fresh planning, new thinking and “Stretch Ideas” to move them well beyond what they have been and to lead them well into this century [ (UIS Strategic Plan, 2006) ]. This advertising plan will cover the topic of how the UIS strives for excellence in all endeavors [ (UIS Strategic Plan, 2006) ]. In this advertising plan for UIS, the following sections will be covered: A. Situation Analysis

B. Key Planning Decisions
1. Target Audience
2. Competitive Product Advantage
3. Product Image & Personality
4. Product Position
II. Situation Analysis
In order for the UIS to be recognized as one of the top five small public liberal arts universities in the United States, a SWOT analysis should be conducted. Strengths-
Locations- UIS is located on the Southeast side of Springfield, Illinois near Lake Springfield. With Springfield being the capital of Illinois, and also the home of Abraham Lincoln- our nation’s 16th president, offers a variety of activities & opportunities for the students of UIS. To make transportation easy, there is a regular bus service provided from the UIS campus to the mall, downtown area, and to other points around the city.

Class Size- UIS has small class sizes, (a student-professor ratio averages 15:1) and because of that the professors know their students-not just their names but their strengths & their goals.

UIS Admissions- Student enrollment in 2007-2008 was 4,855. With the competitive analysis with other public & private UIS has some of the...

References: UIS Strategic Plan. (2006). Retrieved April 18, 2010, from Creating a Brilliant Future: A Strategic Plan for the University of Illinois at Springfield:
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