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The Benefits of Attending a Community College

By sameermaqsood Nov 29, 2012 444 Words
The Benefits of Attending a Community College
Some prospective college students tend to overlook the many benefits that come along with attending a community college. This may be because they aren't aware of the advantages or they don't have a true understanding of how this type of educational training can benefit them. Whatever the case may be, year after year large numbers of people opt to go straight from high school into four-year universities. Although that is of course a fantastic route to take, people should also give some thought to the notion of attending a community college. One of the best things about attending this type of educational institution is the smaller class sizes that are offered. At traditional universities, sometimes classes can have anywhere from 50 to 400 students at one time. This may not seem like a big deal, but the larger the class, the less opportunity students have to get one-on-one interaction with their professors. This may not be important to some people. However, being able to contact their professor with questions or even for tutoring sessions is vital to many people. In fact, being able to have an accessible professor can make the difference in whether or not some students pass or fail. So, one of the great things about choosing these types of establishments are the fact that they promote more student and teacher interaction. Therefore, whenever someone has issues, there's a better chance that those problems will actually be addressed. Another great thing about attending a community college is that it costs much less than the traditional four-year institution. This is extremely important to note, especially now that the cost of education is rising and more people are struggling to stay financially stable. Being able to get a good education at an affordable rate is something that is sometimes hard to come by when people choose to attend traditional colleges. The good news is that the average community college allows people to get a good education without having to pay an arm and a leg. Lastly, another benefit these institutions provide is the ability for students to transfer their course credits to traditional universities. In other words, if someone decided to take this particular route and then one day they decided that they wanted to attend a four-year university, they wouldn't have to feel like they wasted their time. There are many benefits that come along with attending a community college, but many people might not realize it. As the landscape of education continues to change, more and more people are beginning to take this route instead of the traditional path.

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