Marketing Plan for Mcguire Publishing

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Marketing Plan

A General Plan for 2013
Strategies for:
Magazine Advertising;
Online Marketing and;
Events Marketing

PC Buyer’s Guide, PC Shopper and PC Direct

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Internship Program of McGuire Publishing Inc.


Darren King M. Moreno
Desiree L. Lasutan
Ma. Lorena D. Najera

Submitted to:

Ms. Candy Rae Gan
General Manager

This marketing plan is a general plan for 2013 for the PC Buyer’s Guide, PC Shopper and PC Direct magazines. The proponents have decided to divide the plan into three categories namely: Magazine Advertising; Online Marketing and; Events Marketing. The purpose of dividing this plan is to maximize the effectiveness of the different strategies proposed in each category. This plan is generically done for the growth and innovations of McGuire Publishing for the whole year 2013.

The proponents have used the different strategies for the modern-day market. And the business objectives for each category have separately visualized. The main objective of this plan as a whole is to increase the value of magazine advertising, to strengthen the relationship between the company and the advertisers and to extend the scope of marketing the magazines of McGuire Publishing e.g. online marketing, events marketing, etc.

Magazine Advertising Strategies
Proposed by:
Darren King M. Moreno

Business Objectives:
The business objectives of this plan are aligned to the strategies proposed below. This magazine advertising Marketing Plan aims: •To maximize magazine sales and subscriptions;
To develop an effective advertising strategy to each magazine sections; •To increase reader’s believability to the magazines;
To make readers involve in the development of the magazines; •To increase the Publishing company’s credibility and
To extend advertisements and promotions to spread out and popularize brands.

Key Strategies for PC Buyer’s Guide, PC Shopper & PC Direct

Pop-up Advertisements
Many developments have been existed in magazine sections. Different ways to catch reader’s attention are imperative in order to sustain subscriptions and to increase customer’s retention. A simple pop-up of an advertisement can lead to an attention-grabbing and long lasting ad memory. Advertisers will always find a different strategy without disregarding the importance of maximizing the ad expenses. Pop-up advertisement is applicable to PC Buyer’s Guide, PC Shopper and PC Direct since the objective, the cost and the effectiveness are all the same in terms of advertising a product. Moreover, the latter emphasizes the emotions of the magazines with its texture and cut-out figure of the pop-up advertisement. This can be a contingency tool for the free inserts since the former is not easily detachable unlike the latter where it can easily be lost somewhere.

Cut-out Sections
Part of increasing the value of magazine advertising is to add innovative ideas that can be applied to the magazine section. Lined with the pop-up advertisement is a cut-out section, a page or part of the magazine that can be tore for different purposes. It can be in a form of sharing of information, a form of discount coupons and many others. For as long as readers can participate and be possible that the readers would take their response with regards to cut-out sections.

Section for ICT Industry Practitioners and Associations
“Smart PC Buyers read PC Buyer’s Guide Magazine” is the slogan of McGuire Publishing for PC Buyer’s Guide. It can also be applied to PC Shopper and PC Direct. And since we are talking about the smart ones, the great strategy to respond on it is to feature the well-known ICT industry practitioners and Associations for their articles and reviews of what are latest in the industry. Of course the objective is to increase the credibility of the magazine. That’s very important in...
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