Advertisement Manipulation

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Brand Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Advertising Manipulation

Advertisements are located everywhere. No one can go anywhere without seeing at least one advertisement. These ads, as they are called, are an essential part of every type of media. They are placed in television, radio, magazines, and can even be seen on billboards by the roadside. Advertisements allow media to be sold at a cheaper price, and sometimes even free, to the consumer. Advertisers pay media companies to place their ads into the media. Therefore, the media companies make their money off of ads, and the consumer can view this material for a significantly less price than the material would be without the ads. Advertisers' main purpose is to influence the consumer to purchase their product. This particular ad, located in Sport magazine, attracts the outer-directed emulators. The people that typically fit into this category of consumers are people that buy items to fit in or to impress people. Sometimes ads can be misleading in ways that confuse the consumer to purchase the product for reasons other than the actual product was designed for. Advertisers influence consumers by alluding the consumer into buying this product over a generic product that could perform the same task, directing the advertisement towards a certain audience, and developing the ad where it is visually attractive. First, a Multi Tap consists of an L-shaped design with four ports to allow for four Playstation controllers instead of the normal two. The Multi Tap is helpful for some Playstation games that allow for more than two people to play. The layout of the Multi Tap advertisement attracts attention when compared to other similar advertisements. The simple, black and white display of the ad stands out when compared to other ads, which are usually bright and colorful. This manner of presenting the information brings about a simplistic alternative to an otherwise complex world. The Multi Tap is then displayed in the center of the ad to draw...
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