Advantages of Blogging

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Blogging is like trends now. People like to blogging and it’s an interesting hobby. Today, you can find so many blogs on the internet and you can find any related information to any topic within a few minutes. Do you know what a blog is? Blog is a site that maintain and ongoing site of information. Many blogs focus on a particular topic such as sports, design, and mobile technology. Some are like personal blog reflect the author’s life and personality. As well-known as online journal or diary, blogs are used so much more now like online journalism. Blogging is the action of writing a post for a blog. Reader who read the blog post can comment or respond to that post. An interesting blog doesn’t have only the words, but as well as rich with pictures, videos and audios. People can subscribe to their favorite blog so they can know when the blog is updated. There are many advantages of blogging and us as a student should explore the world of blogging. The advantages are we can share and spread information, earn money through blogging and improve develop research, language and writing skills. Firstly, the main advantages of blogging are to share and spread the information about something. Blogs is actually a great source of knowledge. Blogging also teach people to use internet effectively. Through this we can help and guide reader who are in need with something that we have learned or know. Basically the author of a blog inform a topics based on the type of their blog. Like business man who is succeed share on how can we be succeeded like him. We can make his story or his experience as our example. Some blog which is a blog who review about a product also can tell the reader how that product is worth buying. Nowadays, there are many blogs that review about beauty products, gadgets and many more. They provide all the information like some technical blogs and it will explain to us all the latest technological information or all the latest gadgets that...
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