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The Internet Brings People Closer

By henry.chan.mimi Dec 28, 2014 295 Words
The internet brings people closer: 

Social Networking - people can communicate from miles apart, anywhere in the world, through the internet. Many people make online friends through sites like Twitter and are brought together owing to the internet. There are even ways to voice call and video chat through the internet, such as through Skype. 

Online Communities - people with similar interests can discuss their area of interest together and bond through it easily through the internet, for instance fan bases on the internet or forum discussions regarding a specific topic. 

Blogs - people can share their daily experiences or anything of their interest to be read by people all over the world, linking lifestyles from different nations and countries, which brings cultures of different people together. Even Vlogs (video blogs) on various sites, especially YouTube, are very popular now and people get to see the lifestyles of other people recording it and sharing it. 

The internet does not bring people closer together: 

Socialising Online Only - people who rely too much on the internet for socialisation can sometimes forget to get off their chairs, go outside and do some real socialising! Sometimes internet friends replace their real-life friends and they spend too much time online, which pushes them away from the people in their life. 

Other - a lot of people use the internet as a getaway, with secretive identities and use the internet as the world they have created for themselves as an escape from the real world. This does not bring people closer together in the slightest, because those people do not share who they really are and spend time away from the people in their lives to create a life online that does not help bring them closer to others anyways.

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