Advantage and Disadvantage to Study Overseas

Pages: 2 (473 words) / Published: May 9th, 2012
Many students in countries which are not very developed, especially in the age group between eleven and fifteen tends to migrate to another country which is better than theirs. Most of them like to go to America, Europe or Australia. Because of this willingness, they are even ready to go and study in these countries on their own. But going to these countries can be risky, at the same time safe and useful.
After studying a long time in their country, most of the time teenagers start to think of the disadvantages of their own county comparing to the other countries which they like. Up to a certain extent it can be true. Because in order to be a qualified worker, you should get a foundation of it well. By studying in an undeveloped country it might be hard to get used to the correct methods.
Another advantage is if students are in a very rural country, they may not know the language properly, specially the international language. So these will affect the student's education as well as the mental state. The person will get discouraged and disappointed. None of these will happen if the student goes to a good overseas school from the beginning. The best thing is to spend the childhood in the motherland and migrate after that. So the student will not get away from the culture. By migrating you can learn a lot of things about countries like their identities, nationalities and cultures and how to get used to a particular environment.
The main advantage of going abroad can be to study and to get a lot of experience travelling, having conversations with people, to make up life and to live on their own. More than that seeking for knowledge that is not in your country, more facilities, developed equipments and places make them want to study hard and make them happy. They also get inspiration and proper training by experienced instructors.
As well as advantages, there are disadvantages too. Such as; when students return from the country they have been studying, they will

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