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Some people spend their entire lives in one place. Others move a number of times throughout their lives, looking for a better job, house, community, or even climate. Which do you prefer: staying in one place of moving in search of another place? Use reason and specific examples to support your opinion. There is nothing more interesting than having a risky life which is moving in search of another place. It will help you get more opportunities to have better jobs and living conditions, see the world and help others or contribute positively to their community. I believe that it is the opportunity to get better jobs and living conditions. With the changing live, I can get higher education from several countries which are top of the best education in the world. Furthermore, I can look for a better job with higher salary and promotion. Because the job you want to work with is not important in your current community, but it can be the most necessary job in another place. One more advantage is the experiences, which I got, will be very useful to adopt new environment. The second advantage which I will mention is to see the world widely. I cannot imagine how large the world is and how wonderful it is with staying one place. It is the best way to expand my mind and enrich my knowledge. For example, when I live in a Western country, I will naturally know their culture, their language and their behavior without books. There are many chances to meet various kinds of people and get a wide relationship. I also do what I like since I was a child, that I can help people and contribute positively to my community. I hope to work in difficult parts of their countries to help poor people who want to study and achieve their dreams. I also want to establish business to create jobs for local resident. Thus, changing will help me complete it. People always look for something better and more interesting than what they have in their life, so I am exceptional. Having a changing life is...
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