Narrative: Family and Webb City

Topics: Family, Illegal drug trade, Stepfamily Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Personal Narrative Essay

In my life, I had to make some life changing choices; the hardest was when I decided to move. I had to consider a number of things: whether I wanted to leave my home town. I had several reasons that brought me to not wanting to live the rest of my life where I grew up, I had to decide restarting my life somewhere else would be the best decision. Parsons, Kansas, the place I were born and raised. I had been out of town before and went to another city and state but none to where I was willing to move when I got older. A large part of my family lived here, and this is where all my friends were from. My family was very close and we always spent the holidays together, so It wasn’t as if I was all alone at any time. Every one I needed was no more than a five- block radius from each other, so I could visit and have a good time pretty much all the time. Most of the friends I made in school didn’t leave, so I really had no reason to move when I got older. I enjoyed the country and all it had to offer I could go fishing, ride horses and make mud pies pretty much all day with the kids and go to the bars at night with my friends and family. I really could find no reason to leave, I worked at nursing home and had a pretty nice duplex that I never want to leave. I knew my way around like the back of my hands I had explored that town over the last 25 years; I could make a road map myself. My family was always having some kind of gathering on the weekend that I couldn’t be bored. As time went on my life began to change and I started doing things shouldn’t meeting new people, and becoming a different person. My Great Auntie Bessie passed away, and she was the reason why my mother moved to Parsons. After that the family changed. No one came together on holidays; anymore, they cooked at their own houses. Some of my family lost their minds completely, and others began to feel they were better or more important on others...
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