Moving: North vs. South

Topics: Climate, Sun, Weather Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: March 27, 2012
Moving: North vs. South
People relocate all the time. There are many places to choose from. I think that the most common deciding factor is the climate you may like or dislike. You may choose to live in the North where you can enjoy the falling snow and skies strapped to your feet, or down South where you might prefer fun in the sun, and sand between your toes. Though both places can offer different climates, they can also have some similarities. Where would you like to live? Let’s stay up North for a while and discover all it may have to offer. The snowy climate may be ideal for some people, but it’s not for me. You have to wear a layer of long johns and jeans, sweater, coat, hat and gloves to go brave the cold. It’s a very long winter season which is cold, wet and inconvenient to travel around in. There can be days and weeks on end where you may not get a glimpse of the sun at all. People use tanning beds to get a tan. Snow storms can be common in this area. The roads can be slippery and sometimes there can be travel bans because of the danger of road conditions. You are constantly hearing snow plows going by salting the roads. When the salt melts the snow, it gets very slushy and the salt gets on your vehicles and causes them to rust. If you enjoy the cold weather, you may enjoy some of the many activities that the Northern areas have to offer. There are plenty of ski resorts that offer everything from skiing to snowboarding to tubing. Most of these lodges also offer a warm lodge to get hot chocolate or a bite to eat, and a lounge for those who may like to have a cocktail. You may prefer to go sledding or build a snow man. Some people even go winter camping and hike with snowshoes. I personally enjoy riding snowmobiles with my family and friends. There’s nothing quite like riding the trails after they have been groomed. Let’s head on down South, where I hope to live again one day. The hot humid climate may be ideal for you....
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