Advanced Database Systems: Coursework Assignment

Topics: Entity-relationship model, Oracle Designer, London Pages: 9 (1658 words) Published: April 2, 2013

London Metropolitan University
School of Computing

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Module number:CC3005NI

Module name:Advanced Database Systems

Module leader:Dr F F Cai

Coursework no.: 1 of 1

Weighting : 40% (% of module assessment total)

Date set : March 2013

Date and time due: (date/time)
To Islington College Nepal


This Coursework is an individual assessment. It is primarily an exercise in database design and implementation using Oracle Designer and Oracle SQL*Plus, and in documentation of the system.

The use of any other database products such as MS Access or MYSQL for any parts of this work will result in zero marks.

You are required to attach to your coursework submission the standard header sheet with a signed disclaimer.

Submission of Your Work

All your work should be assembled into a single document. It should have a cover page with module title, student name and registration number.

You must submit your work on or before the published deadline, to RTE at Islington College Nepal. Please make sure to retain your receipt/confirmation and keep a copy of your work.

Please note that plagiarism is a serious academic offence, for which penalties are severe. All suspected cases of plagiarism will be reported.

1. Introduction

Metropolitan College specialises in providing foreign language courses at various levels to the general public. It consists of several local centres in and around London. At present, course enquiries and bookings are managed centrally by the College on a semi-automated basis, namely, they are handled by a largely paper-based file system, supported partially by a basic computer system.

The College recognises the limitations of its current operations and is keen to improve the quality of its services. To this end, the College has approached Leading Edge Ltd, a software house based in the City of London, with a request to develop a well designed database system to improve the quality of course management at the College.

You have been sub-contracted by Leading Edge as a Junior Database Developer to design and implement a prototype of the database system for the College. On completion of the system, you are required to provide a full set of documentation of the system to Leading Edge.

Your prototype of the system will be developed using Oracle Designer and Oracle SQL Plus at London Met.

2. Case Study

The College provides courses for various foreign languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and so on. Each course is associated with a particular level (Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced). Any of the courses is identified with a course code, but may be run at different centres of the College and taught by different lecturers within the same period. In addition, a lecturer may teach at any of the centres if necessary.

A potential student will initially make an enquiry to one of the Course Officers at the Central Enquiry Unit of the College. A brief conversation with the student will normally enable the Course Officer to ascertain the course in which the student is interested, and to identify an appropriate level for the student.

The Course Officer will then check the cost and dates of the course, together with its availability. In most cases, the student will be offered to choose from a list of available centres and lecturers that run the same course. Once a choice has been made...
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