Adoption Of Gay Friendly Policies In Firms

Topics: Employment, Sexual orientation, Social responsibility Pages: 4 (569 words) Published: March 18, 2016

First Article Review
Leon Cohen
Indiana University
Section I: Article Summary
In the article ‘Do Gay-Friendly Corporate Policies Enhance Firm Performance?’ the potential outcomes of a firm adopting gay-friendly policies, such as anti-discrimination policies and the extension of benefits to couples, are studied. When the results of the study were assessed, it was found that the adoption of gay-friendly policies had improved the studied firms in multiple ways. It was observed that more employees were being recruited, employees were staying longer, and current gay employees felt more welcome and accepted at work. Outside of the workplace, customers and investors had a better perception of the firm. The implementation of these policies is included in what is called corporate social responsibility, and shifts in the beliefs of firms and customers in what is seen as good and responsible as society characterizes it. The corporate social responsibility of extending employee benefits to same-sex partners brings a particular benefit to firms that have a highly skilled labor force. By feeling welcome within the workplace, these employees are visibly happier. The improved mood of an openly gay employee is correlated with increased customer satisfaction, too. All of these benefits within the workplace, reaching out to customers and investors, bring an opportunity for increased financial performance. The only potential costs towards the implementation of gay-friendly corporate policies are if the financial burden of providing benefits outweighs the positives or if customers and investors with anti-gay views boycott the firm’s services. Section II: Application of Textbook Concepts

In the textbook, the difference between work groups and work teams are discussed. Work groups are more individual, and work teams use both individual and mutual work to reach shared goals. With the extension of employee benefits to the same-sex partners of gay employees, employees...
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