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Topics: Sexual orientation, Transgender, LGBT Pages: 7 (1570 words) Published: February 25, 2015
Natalie Zermeno
OLS 454
Spring 2014
Gender & Diversity in Management
Diversity Paper

When you go to work, you clock in, and you go about doing your job. You converse with your coworkers. You go to lunch with your co-workers. You even talk about what each of you is going to do on the weekend. This is a normal routine for you and for most people. Well, for some people, it is not. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) individuals struggle each and every day throughout their days to have a normal workday, like the rest of us tend to have. They don't get to come to work and converse with their coworkers, like the rest of us. They don't get to comfortably attend a lunch date with a coworker and it be considered normal. They don't get to even talk about what one another are going to do over the weekend. These things are not considered socially acceptable or even normal to people whom are not gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual. This is what I will be focusing on over the course of this paper. The specific work related or job related concerns and issues gay employees often encounter that are not encountered, or not encountered, as often, by heterosexual employees. I will also be discussing some strategies and recommendations for dealing with those identified concerns. I have conducted some research that I will go over in the course of this paper that will help me to explain my rational.

The number one issue I want to talk about is discrimination. Discrimination has been noted as one of the top issues in my research. There were many forms of discrimination that I found in regards to LGBT individuals. Work, to a lot of us, is considered our second home. If you work 8-12-hour days, you spend 33.3-50% of your day at your job. Do the math, and add up a 5-6 day workweek, you’re at work quite a bit. According to Catalyst (2012):

The Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy aggregated a number of surveys that examined discrimination experienced by gay and transgender employees, and determined that 15-43% of gay and transgender employees have experienced some form of either discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

The Williams Institute has been a great source of solid research information relating to the issues affecting LGBT individuals in the workplace. Some further research I found on discrimination in the workplace from the Williams institute was as follows: A 2011 surveys of employment discrimination and how it impacts LGBT employees found: 27.1% of all LGB employees experienced discrimination, compared to 37.7% of “out” LGB employees 27.1% of LGB employees experience harassment, compared to 38.2% of “out” LGB employees A 2009 study of transgender individuals found:

97% of those surveyed experienced harassment or mistreatment in their workplace 47% were either fired, not advanced, or not hired due to their gender identity 58% of LGBT workers reported that a coworker makes a joke or derogatory comment about LGBT people “at least once in a while.” 67% of LGBT employees do not report anti-LGBT remarks to human resources or management Some LGBT employees remain closeted at work because coworkers or managers will deem that as “unprofessional.” In one study, 9% of LGBT employees have heard a negative comment about LGBT people by their supervisor In the United States, 21 states and the District of Columbia prohibit discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation. Of those states, 15 and the District of Columbia have laws prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity/expression. (Mallory) This is the discrimination that you, or your friends, or coworkers may not have to prepare to deal with every day you get up to get ready for work. To be harassed at work, in a state or job, where there are no laws or policies to protect you from these types of issues is something employers need...
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