Adapting Communication

Topics: Case study, Hearing impairment, Understanding / Pages: 8 (1995 words) / Published: May 23rd, 2012
TDA 3.5 CS/RA adapting communication with adults

TDA 3.5.3 AC 3.2a 3.2b 3.2c Please note
This is a case study however if you have experience of any of these in your real practice then you need to include in this piece or evidence for those circumstances below that you can show real practice for describing:

‘What you actually did and also reflect on ‘how it went’ ‘what you might do differently in the future’ eg you may have actual experience adapting your communication for an adult with English as an additional language

You must make it clear which are case study examples and which are actual examples of your real practice

A/You have a family move into the area and they have recently arrived from Poland and speak very little English. The parents want to arrange a meeting with you to discuss their child’s first few weeks in the setting and how they have settled.

How can you support their understanding and interact with them during this meeting.

It is fully understandable that the family would want a meeting to ensure that their child is settling in to a new school.
When the meeting is arranged I would ask the parents if they knew anybody that could come with them whose could help me communicate more effectively with them. I would also ask them when would be convenient to them this I think would make them feel that I understood family life is busy and I wanted to make it as easy for them as possible. I would also ask them if they were happy just to see me or would also like the child’s class teacher to attend. For the case study I will state that the parents were happy with just to see me.
The meeting is to be held after school so it seems to make sense to hold it in the child’s classroom this would give the parents the opportunity to see the environment the child is in and also maybe look at any work displayed that their child or other children have done…this would be to show them that the school celebrates the children’s work which

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