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Topics: Rolling Stone, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones Pages: 3 (1214 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Old Spice Unlocks Your Man In There
There are bodily hygiene advertisements in almost every magazine, TV station, radio station, billboards, and even postal mail. Every one of them is different and is trying to send a different message to a certain group that the product would most likely appeal to. The 0ctober 2011 issue number 1141 of Rolling Stone magazine there is an ad for Old spice men’s soaps, cologne, and deodorant that is a very interesting to the college age kids and music enthusiast that would normally read it. Through the advertisements use of layout and models, Old Spice has effectively caught the eyes of the many people that would stumble across it.

Like many of the advertisements in Rolling Stone magazine, the advertisement of Old Spice products was more comical and strange. This kind of advertisement would target the younger generation rather than the older generation that there ads had targeted before. The ad would attract more of a younger clientele because of its use of a younger generation’s version of a rocker and nerd to attract their attention. The ad was staged in a college library with a college student that has been divided in half, on one side he is a nerd, yet on the other side is a rock musician. At the bottom of ad in the middle of the page there is print with the catch phrases that say, “Somewhere in there, there’s a man in there,” and “Smell better than yourself”, as well as the company’s main logo, and the main companies picture logo which is an old style cargo ship. There are no copies of any images or phrasings in this ad, but there are many other Old Spice ads that have similar catch phrases. Even the other ads also tend to have the goofy and weird images in their ads. Though each one has the same message that if you use this product you will be as manly as me, all of the ads are also trying to reach out to both new and existing customers. They want you to either start using the product because of these reasons or...
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