Acer Incorporated Company Profile

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Acer Incorporated Company profile

Acer Incorporated – company profile
Stichting Onderzoek Multinationale Ondernemingen
Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations

Policies and business overview - General characteristics

Acer has constantly pursued the goal of breaking the barriers between people and technology. Focused on marketing its brand-name IT products around the globe, Acer ranks as the world's No. 3 vendor for total PCs and No. 2 for notebooks, with the fastest growth among the top-five players. A profitable and sustainable Channel Business Model is instrumental to Acer’s continued growth, while a successful merger of Gateway Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary completes the company’s global footprint by strengthening its presence in the U.S. and enhancing its strong position in Europe. Acer Inc. employs 5,300 people worldwide. Estimated revenue for 2007 is US$14.06 billion. Acer Incorporated’s principal activities are to develop, market and sell computer workstations, PC servers, business desktops, computer-related components and software. Its other activities include repair services of Acer brand products, investing, financing, construction, and provision of internet, electronics services and information storage. The Group's operations are carried out in Taiwan, Europe and in the United States of America. The Group exports its products to North and South America, Europe and Africa. In addition, Acer produces servers, storage systems, projectors , and displays. The company also provides IT support services. Acer has streamlined its operations in recent years, spinning off its manufacturing operations (now Wistron), as well as its consumer electronics and peripherals business It still holds stakes in both companies. Acer now outsources its manufacturing. It sells through resellers and distributors worldwide. Acer Incorporated is part of the Acer Group. The Acer Group comprises several companies and markets a broad spectrum of branded IT products, e-business solutions and services. In addition, the group supplies multiple brands of IT products including components and software in Greater China. The Acer Group employs 7,800 people, while Acer Incorporated employs 5,600 people supporting dealers and distributors in more than 100 countries.

Acer Incorporated – company profile


1976 - Acer is founded under the name Multitech (Multitech was used until 1987 when the ‘Acer’ name was created), focusing on trade and product design.

1979 - Acer designs Taiwan’s first mass-produced computer product for export.

1980 - Altos ACS-580, first True Multi-user micro-system platform

1981 -MicroProfessor-I becomes the company’s first branded product.

1982 - MicroProfessor-II becomes Taiwan’s first 8-bit home computer.

1983-Altos Servers first to utilize Xenix native OS, Microsoft’s variation of UNIX

1984-Acer Peripherals, Inc. (now BenQ Corp.) established

1986-Acer beats IBM to market with 32-bit PCs.

1987-The ‘Acer’ name is created.

1990-Acer acquires Altos.Stan Shih is named ‘One of the 25 people you ought to know when doing business in Asia’ by Fortune.

1992-Acer creates the world’s first 386SX-33 chip set.

1994-Acer introduces world’s first dual-Pentium PC.

1995-Aspire becomes the world’s most enjoyable multimedia PC, acting as a bridge into the consumer electronics markets.Total revenues top US$5 billion mark

1996-Acer signs a reciprocal patent licensing agreement with IBM, Intel, and Texas Instruments allowing use of each other’s patented technology.The AcerBasic PC is launched, priced at less than US$500 this ignites a trend toward low-cost computers.

1997-Acer Nuovo, innovative Heuristic Power Management, first 8 hour battery notebook

1998-Acer acquires Texas Instruments’ TI-Acer interest, renames the company Acer Semiconductor Manufacturing Inc.TravelMate 700, first notebook with integrated international modem

1999-IBM and Acer...
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