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Company Background
Toshiba is a Japanese company that manufactures and markets a variety of electrical equipment and sophisticated electronic products, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company was formed in year of 1939 and it is the result of a merger of two companies, Tokyo Denki Company and Shibaura Seisakusho Company. Toyo Denki is a company that engaged in consumer goods and Shibaura Seisakusho is a machinery company. Take a few letters in front of each company ‘TO’ and ‘Shiba’ it gives birth to the Toshiba brand. The famed Toshiba Company is rated as the world’s 7th largest integrated manufacturer of electrical equipment, electronics and chip maker. Toshiba Company is a world leader in high technology and it is an integrated manufacturer of different electrical and electronic products in the market such as information and communications equipment (PC, medical electronics equipment and space related products), electronic components (semiconductors, batteries and printed circuits boards), power systems (transportation equipment, elevators and escalators) and consumer products (video, digital home products and home appliances).

Product background
Majority of the Toshiba products that have been successfully penetrated into the consumer market are televisions. Inasmuch as the Toshiba televisions are always full of superior quality. The Toshiba Company’s televisions are internationally trusted brand with product proven reliability and quality. Therefore, it will make the Toshiba’s television popular because consumers know they will always get the same excellent quality and value each time they purchase. Besides, the innovative ideas are always used by the Toshiba Company to design their products. The style construction of Toshiba’s televisions always consists of far-out and durable elements to satisfy the consumers’ needs and wants in order to retain consumers’ loyalty. Furthermore, the extended manufacturer’s warranty is always available to consumers. Toshiba has always given its customers the reliability and assurance that electronic investments are well covered by warranty coverage. There is an extensive range of price points for the Toshiba’s television to consumers. The models of televisions with variety prices are able to accommodate the different budgets of every consumer.

Analysis of marketing strategy

Product Classification
Product Classification is defined as organization of goods or services according to several shown characteristic or set of characteristics. Majority of producers will use an informal product to catalog technique of their own design. Firms must understand the criteria and characteristic of the product and classify them. Through the product classification, customers will be able to know and understand a product better. Toshiba’s company has extension advanced electronic and digital products, electronic devices and components. Besides, power systems like nuclear energy and home appliances are pioneered by Toshiba’s company. Toshiba classify their products into different groups, including the product’s price, functional and quality.

Product & Service Decision
Product decision must be made by firms before making any marketing plan to avoid failures and unnecessary costs. Toshiba offers a wide range of products to the market. Toshiba multifaceted their graphic products and PC businesses by merging them into a new company organized on a regional basis with respective business units for Japan, Europe, U.S., China and other countries all around the world. On 4th February 2013, Toshiba has launched the Satelite U845T laptop to the market. This laptop is more affordable and it is a high performance laptop. The targeted market for this laptop is mostly students as the price of this laptop is much cheaper compared to the others. Besides, firms will provide an after sales service to the customers in order to satisfy their customers. Toshiba...

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