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Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains
Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains is a mid-market business accounting software package that can run on a Microsoft SQL Server database. There are many companies that use different types of accounting software but one that I would suggest would be Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains. There are two companies that we work for that use this accounting software and are very impressed by what it can do compared to other accounting applications. After doing some research on what Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains can do for a company I strongly recommend it to be used. Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains has a lot of features that are great for any company it helps to automate and connect the full range of ERP operations and business intelligence. Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains quickly adds new capabilities using built-in personalization tools that help simplify complex development efforts. When using old accounting software Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains makes the migration and updates the data easy to do. When using Microsoft Dynamic Great Plains it helps connect people, information and applications through more than 350 Web services and built-in interoperability with Microsoft Office Communications Server and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. One of the things that Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains does is that it delivers portal-based access to insight across your entire organization. It saves time and money by enabling people to use Microsoft Office applications, Web browsers and mobile devices to access and analyze ERP information. I.T. Improvements

In order for all of the offices to access data throughout the company I would have to suggest having at least two terminal servers that all users would use to connect with each other. By using terminal servers we would have to make sure that we get enough licenses for all of the users that plan on having access to the accounting software and other applications. If we decide to use terminal servers we would...
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