The Wild Frontier (3)

Topics: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows SharePoint Services Pages: 4 (1024 words) Published: October 19, 2014
Introduction (Problem)
The Wild Frontier has expanded even more with the services and support provided in the past few weeks. Each of the original four (4) satellite offices have doubled in size and four (4) more offices are being opened. The current licensing seats have managed to cover all of the existing personnel, without full utilization but the new demand will overtax them. The owner, Sam Yosemite, gets all fired up if he can’t allocate costs fairly according to use. We also need to make the existing printers cover the additional personnel use without buying new printers, even though the managers have to print off long documents several times each week to provide shooting targets for Sam. To add, some users have been accessing applications and media services they do not need and the IT team needs to curtail this. The budget given for the increased staff is not sufficient for new desktops for each user. Additional storage needs have been identified in the original four (4) satellite offices, as well as some slowdowns in performance. These need to be addressed along with the consideration of Terminal Services Licensing. Terminal Services (Solution)

Our decision to implement Windows SharePoint Services will help meet many of the criteria for providing support for the additional remote offices and help prevent duplication of work. SharePoint will possibly be a powerful tool to make decision making easier. Familiar tools that are powerful that are reporting and analysis features which are easy to use. Interfaces that are familiar that enables users be comfortable working with data. It will possibly improve the company’s effectiveness. Adding interactive dashboards and scorecards that help users define and measure accomplishments, could be a benefit as well. Using key metrics can be matched to specific strategies, plus shared, discussed and maintained. The benefits of a complete reporting and an analysis solution includes also a full set of features that will...

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