Acca Obu Rap

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ACCA OBU RAP (Under construction)

In my current position, I am in responsible to directly earn revenue for the company from the clients.The process is, I have to analyse customer database, Filter the potential customers and Communicate with them regarding business relationship and potentially build up relationship. The senior colleagues often try to enter the details of the client that are not brought to the company and attempt to earn commission for that.They think that As it is not cost effective for the supervisors to trace all the details that much carefully, hence they can get away with that. However, the situation that arose is I cant fight against them directly as they are seniors and therefore are closer to the management and I honest earnings were not competeble to their misleading information. In order to deal with this situation, only the thing I could think of is to talk to my manager about the situation and consult with him about the ways to develop the leakage by using a regular audit procedure.It was not easy for me to demonstrate my position with logical evidence in all case and the seniors were lot experienced of course.However, I was lucky enough that my manager did listen to me in complete with attention instead of ignoring me and that led to an investigation. The recommendation worked right and the issues were found true.Lot people at different stage got penalized and many system had to be re-structured.Finally, quality control procedure filtered the loop holes and develop them to strengths.

From this event, I learnt that we never should feel weaker because our seniors are doing wrong things or making mistakes.Truth always has its own capability to stand up right.If we face the challenge with belief then no challenge is unbeatable. This event made my position strong and transparent in front of my employer. From that moment, any information or obligation that has gone to my manager from me, always got special position that made my way lot...
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