Academic Honesty Worksheet

Topics: Academic dishonesty, Cheating, Plagiarism Pages: 3 (368 words) Published: June 14, 2012
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Academic Honesty Articles Worksheet

Resource: University Library
Find at least two articles on the subject of academic honesty in the University Library. Complete the chart below.

| |Article 1 |Article 2 | |What keyword search did you use to find | |Academic honesty | |the article? |Academic honesty | | |In which database did you locate the |EBSCOhost Discovery Service |Gale power search | |article? |Education Research Complete | | |What is the title of the article? |Perceptions of Academic Honesty in Online |Is honesty still the best policy? Stiff | | |vs. Face-to-Face Classrooms |competition for grades has led to a rise in| | | |academic cheating | |Who is the author or authors? | |Karen Fanning | | |Michael Spaulding | | |When was the article published? | |April 25, 2005 | | |December 1, 2009 | | |Was the article peer reviewed? |No |No | |Outline three major points the author |The study...
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