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Academic Achievement is the most important skill in every student’s life. It helps us to discover more about the theories and certain known facts and also to develop our personal growth. Academic study is a way of exploring, addressing and expressing ideas and a way of communicating results and enjoys learning. The aims of Academic Study are to focus in becoming a well qualified degree holder, developing skills, knowledge and even to enjoy learning. It requires hard work, self-discipline and time management. So, this essay is mainly based on the several aims and ways of achieving academic success.

Aims of Academic study:
First of all, the aim of Academic study is to develop skills in every field. Without skills none can be qualified or not even get a degree. The skill include the creativity skills, like when a child starts going to school, he/she will be thought about some creativity in drawing, painting and also mathematical solutions. Even now, many people can’t solve a basic mathematical problem. So, these creative skills are being thought through education. Then we become mature, we’ll be learning about other skills in our college or university. The next aim is to focus on to become a well qualified degree holder. But, to achieve this task, each and every student has to work hard and when he/she achieves it, he/she will gain knowledge to keep track advances in the world. He/She can also get a good job in his/her field to excel. Money is being invested or spent on the researches for advancement in field of technology and other specific activities.

Nowadays, people are being respected only when he/she has a good knowledge in his/her academic studies and as well as in his/her personal growth development and can be a powerful figure. When one is educated and has excellent academic achievements, he/she doesn’t need to worry about the job placement because many Multi-National Companies and local firms are in the lookout for...
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