Looks vs Academic Qualification in Professional Life

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Two friends were going for an interview board in a call centre company. Both of them were well dressed up and did everything they could to give a best presentation in the interview board in front of the officials. Of the two friends one had a very good CGPA and the other was ranked average. The one with good CGPA also had little previous experience in the related kind of jobs but the other friend was a novice. So, taking the best preparation for the interview both the friends faced the interview board. Both of them did well in the interview. But when the results were out, the novice friend with an average CGPA got the job but the other friend did not did not get the job. Here I want to raise my point “looks” does it really matter in professional life?

Now from the above story line if any one comes to the conclusion that good looks get more priority than academic qualifications in professional life, he or she is just coming to the conclusion in a superficial manner. On the other hand you can’t also assume that success only depends on academic qualification because it is a very controversial topic and many believe that success never depends upon only good grades. There point of view is that if success and opportunities were measured by grades then the corporate world would not ask for bio-data in resumes, where other qualifications are also mentioned. Nor would they interview the prospects in order to find out what they are like as people, rather they would give a blind appointment to the people with the best paper qualifications. So they strongly back up the view that qualifications alone are never enough, success depends upon physical characteristics, personality, and a willingness to work hard. Now, to cover up the whole thing we can say academic qualification is rather a guide to help push us in the direction to success.


You must be very careful to know the core difference between academic qualifications and education in general. There are lot of difference in between Education and Academic Qualification.  Education is defined as the process or art of imparting knowledge, skill, judgment, facts and ideas that have been learned, either formally or informally and academic qualification is defined as a quality, ability or accomplishment that makes a person suitable for a particular position or task. Academic qualification tells the person how much he/she is capable in a particular field (Pamusicg, 2007).

According to Nimko, The definition of success varies from person to person and field to field in professional life. One could take economic success in his/her profession as a key to success but someone else may look at a capacity for overcoming challenges, irrespective of what someone earns to be a key to success. So all in all success remains in the eyes of beholder, and the way one pursue one’s success in his/her life (2004).


For my research the first thing I searched for is

How important is academic qualifications in professional life?

I found out that from applying for a job or looking for a new business partner, people judge a person by his/her academic qualifications. No bio-data resume or curriculum vitae are acceptable without the inclusion of education qualifications. So, academic qualification can be very important in professional life.

The next question was how much good looks ever affect one’s job or salary?

I found that attractive bosses are viewed as more competent, collaborative and better delegators than their counterparts who are average good looking. Further an attractive worker makes 5% more per hour than an average-looking person, who in turn earns 9% more than their unattractive counterparts. So good looks may take a big role in professional life.

Then I researched on which sex group (male or female) gets higher priority in the job market for looks than academic qualifications?

In the work place attractive female gets high...

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