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Topics: Phaseolus, Bean, Common bean, Fruit, Maize, Seed / Pages: 3 (838 words) / Published: Sep 7th, 2014
ABS Creative Assignment 2
I would like to plant Beans, Corns and a Winter Squash because they are warm season plants, and they can be easily grown in Phoenix Area. Beans and Squash both have to be grown in full sunlight all day long, and they don’t need shade for their propagation because they need a full sun. Corn must be grown in blocks of rows for the best pollination, tall corn and beans will also shade the area to the north side. Arrange a single wide row for squash so arrange your garden so that it is along the side toward the south, the runner of the squash will need lots of space so allow at least few distance such as five feet of garden space on both sides of the row of hills of winter squash. The hills of corn closest to the squash will have full sun for the whole day, and you can plant beans among that one row of corn when it grows few inches high above the ground. The rest of your corns should be in at least 3 more adjacent rows to the north side of the first row that will not shade the beans growing up on that first row of corn. The rows should be few inches apart and the last row must face toward the South, and then, Make hills that are few inches apart in each row, and plant five Corn seeds in each hill or rows after the soil has warmed. In the 6th row, when the corn is five inches high. Plant 6 to 7 pole bean seeds around the corn in each of the 8 hills, and fertilize thoroughly before planting beans because this row is facing south to get maximum sunlight. Measure five to six inches from the corn and bean row and plant hills of squash seeds on the south, and use less than five seeds per hill and make the hills few inches apart, and allow some distance of garden space on this side of your squash row as well. The cornstalk supports the climbing bean vines, and the beans help replenish the soil with needed nutrients like to fix a nitrogen. The large squash leaves shade the mound inhibiting the growth of weeds, conserves water by

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