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Abortion: Pregnancy and Easy Ways

By viancaismyname Feb 27, 2013 457 Words
Abortion: Pro-life or Pro-choice?

Abortion is the most controversial and most discussed issues that our country is facing now. Abortion is the execution of pregnancy where the uterus of a fetus is removed. It is an intentional violent act that kills an unborn baby. Good and bad status of abortion still is not clear. Are you a pro-life or a pro-choice? First, Pro-life is someone who is against abortion. Pro-lifers say that abortion is immoral and only God can tell who can live or die. Pro-choice on the other side, mother will decide if the baby will live or not because it’s her body and she can do whatever she likes.

Abortion is a sin; it is killing a baby that doesn’t know about his or her surroundings. According to statistics, there are about 126 thousand abortions per day and almost 46 million per year throughout the world. Just imagine how many individual humans have been killed even before they found out what life was. Why should the baby have to suffer because of parent’s failure to take care of it financially or mentally? We all know that everyone goes through rough time in our lives, but it doesn’t mean the baby has to suffer the cost of a parental downfall. Many people do agree that abortion is not good nevertheless some people believe that abortion is good. Why do people say that? I think, it is good because it can lessen our population but don’t you think that it can affect the mother. In the study by many researchers, it has been proven that abortions don’t just kill babies, but they can also kill the mother. Women are four times more likely to die a year after her abortion. Women who do get abortions have a larger possibility to get awful diseases like cervical, ovarian or liver cancer. So, do you want the mother to die as well as the baby died? I think all of us don’t want to go through death after death.

Abortion is an unsafe decision that rids the life of a living child. It is not fair that millions of babies have to die every day so that the mother can live as she wants to live. Woman doesn’t have the right to kill a baby or to kill her own blood. Part of growing up means knowing that it isn’t the baby’s fault, it is you’re decision you made it and you have to face what comes next. People especially the mother should be more responsible for their actions instead of thinking easy ways that the baby or she will be on danger. Give babies a chance, give them right to live.

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