Aand I Decided I Would Never Do It Again

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Write a story:
“And I decided that I would never do it again!”

I hate when my mother questions me a lot. “Oh please! I have my own life, leave me alone” I shouted on my mother. She got irritated with my rude behavior and slapped me. I ran out of my house with my car in anger. I was driving so fast that I did not realize when I crossed the speed limit. Suddenly a cat came in front of my car crossing the road . trying to save the cat I pushed the break but the car was in such a speed that the tires slipped and the next moment it crashed. I was fully conscious at the time of the crash . In fact I could feel the heat of the burning car. After sometime I felt the hands of the rescue workers as they pulled me away. I remember screaming as the car exploded. I had died and had come back to life. I saw my body on the operating table and the doctors and nurses around me. I tried to talk to them but they had not seemed to hear. Then I saw a long tunnel and floated towards it. I felt grateful that I had attained heaven. At the end of the tunnel I saw a woman wearing a white dress sitting with a baby girl in her lap she was kissing her and taking care of her. When I went close to her, I was surprised to see that its my mother and that’s me in my childhood sitting in her lap. Tears started rolling out of my eyes. Suddenly that women stood up and came to me and explained that it was not my time to die yet, then guided me back to the tunnel. The next thing I knew I was back in my body. I opened my eyes and saw my mother sitting next to me kissing my forehead. She hugged me and cried a lot. I apologized my mother for all the rude behavior I had. From that day onwards I was respected my parents and was a complete different person and decided that I would never do it again! (365 words)
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