99 Syllabus 1

Topics: Writing, Classroom Pages: 4 (1579 words) Published: November 25, 2014
FALL 2014

Course Number: English A099Course Title: Fundamentals of CompositionUnits: 3

Section Number: 22444Section Number: 23527
Days: M/WDays: M/W
Class Hours:8:00-10:05 amClass Hours:10:15-12:20 pm
Building: C&LBuilding: Writer’s Row
Room Number: 113Room Number: 110

Instructor Name: Jenny BassOffice: LL 226
Email:jbass@occ.cccd.eduOffice Hours: Wednesday 12:30-1:30 pm
and by appointment.

Registration Note:
Enrolled students that are not present on the first day of class lose their seat and will be dropped by the instructor. Vacated spaces in the course will be filled, in priority order, with students from the waiting list. Once the list has been exhausted, seats will be filled by lottery. If you are absent any day during the first week of the semester you will be dropped from this class. Important Dates:

Start Date: 8/24/14 Last Day to Select Pass/No Pass Option: 9/14/14 Labor Day: 9/1/14 Last Day to Drop with a “W”: 11/15/14 Last Day to Drop with a Refund: 9/6/14 Final Exam: 12/8/14 and 12/10/14 Last Day to Drop without a “W”: 9/7/14 Semester End Date: 12/14/14

About This Syllabus:
This syllabus is a contract between you, the student, and me, the instructor. By issuing this document, I agree to adhere to all of the rules, grading outlines, and course objectives outlined within. By remaining registered in the course, you also show your agreement to adhere to all items within this document. DO NOT LOSE YOUR SYLLABUS. It contains important information that you will need throughout the semester, and many questions you may have about the course can be answered by referring to this syllabus. If you lose your syllabus, a copy can be downloaded from the course Blackboard page. You will be notified of any updates to the syllabus, which will be posted to Blackboard.

Course Description:
Apply the fundamentals of...
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