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Q1.Which of the fallowing countries did not attend the congress of Vienna? a) Britainb) Russiac) Prussiad) Switzerland
Ans. d) Switzerland

Q2.Who said “when France sneezes the rest of Europe catches cold”? a) Garibaldib) Mazzinic) Metternich d) Bismarck
Ans. C) Metternich

Q3.Which treaty recognized Greece as an independent nation?
a) Treaty of Versaillesb) Treaty of Vienna
c) Treaty of Constantinopled) Treaty of Lausanne
Ans. C) Treaty of Constantinople

Q4.Who was responsible for unification of Germany?
a) Bismarckb) Cavourc) Mazzinid) Garibaldi
Ans. a) Bismarck

Q5.Which area was known as the powder keg of Europe?
a) Germanyb) Italyc) Balkansd) Ottoman empire
Ans. c) Balkans

Q6.Who headed the Vienna congress in 1815?
a) Mazzinib) Metternichc) Bismarckd)Cavour
Ans. b) Metternich

Q7.Name a countries which does not conquered by Napoleon?
a)Hollandb) Belgiumc) Russiad) Italy
Ans. c) Russia

Q8.The Jallianwalla Bagh incident took place in the city of: a) Amritsarb) Agrac) Meerutd) Lahore
Ans. a) Amritsar

Q9.The simon commission was boycotted because:
a) There was no Indian in the commission
b) It supported the muslim league
c) Congress felt that the people deserved swaraj
d) There was difference among the members
Ans. a) There was no Indian in the commission

Q10.The resolution of poorna swaraj was adopted at which session: a) Karachi Congressb) Haripur congress
c) Lahore congressd) Lucknow congress
Ans. c)Lahore congress

Q11.In which year anti partition movement begins in Bengal?
a) 15 aug.1905 b) 10 Oct.1905 c) 23 march 1905d) 7 aug.1905 Ans. d) 7Aug.1905

Q12.When did civil disobedience movement re lunched?
a) 1932b) 1934c) 1942d) 1832
Ans. a) 1932

Q13. When did Greek struggle for independence begin?
a) 1822b) 1821c) 1831d) 1921
Ans. b) 1821

Q14. When did Gandhiji returned from South Africa?
a) 1925b) 1815c) 1915d) 1916
Ans. c) 1915


Q15.Neyveli lignite mines are located at
a)Karnatakab)Tamil naduc)Chattisgarhd)Orissa
Ans. b) Tamil nadu

Q16.khetri mine in Rajasthan is famous for
a) Iron oreb) Micac) Copperd)Limestone
Ans. c) Copper

Q17.Which of the fallowing minerals is contained monazite sand? a) Oilb) Uraniumc) Thoriumd) Coal
Ans. c) Thorium

Q18.The largest solar power plant is located at
a) Ahemedabadb) Madhapurc) Mahabalipuramd)Thar desert
Ans. b) Madhapur

Q19.Softwear Technology Park in Kerala
a) Kochib) Tiruvananthapuram c) Coimbatore d) Alleppy
Ans. b) Tiruvananthapuram

Q20.The first Textile Mill was established in
a) Kolkatab) Chennaic) Mumbaid) Coimbatore
Ans. c) Mumbai

Q21.Leading center of woolen textile industry in Punjab
a) Kanpurb) Ludhianac) Murshidabad d) Panipat
Ans. b) Ludhiana

Q22.Which one of the fallowing industries use bauxite as a raw material a) Aluminumb) Cementc) Juted) Steel
Ans. a)Aluminium

Q23.National highway-8 connects
a) Delhi-Bangaloreb) Chennai-Kolkatac) Delhi-Mumbaid) Mumbai-chennai Ans. c) Delhi-Mumbai

Q24.The total length of Inland navigation waterways of India is a) 3700kmb) 14500kmc) 7500kmd) 14000km
Ans. b) 14500km

Q25.Indian railways are divided into
a) 20b) 9c) 16d) 18
Ans. c) 16

Q26.Which mode of transportation reduces trans-shipment losses and delays? a) Railways b) Roadwaysc) Pipelined) Waterways
Ans. c) Pipeline

Q27.India’s international trade mainly takes place through a) Railways b) Seas and oceansc) Airwaysd) Roadways
Ans. b) Seas and oceans


Q28. “Third wave” country is used for which country in the...
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