5 Ways to Reboot Your Sex Life

Topics: Maxwell Maltz, Temporal lobe, Psychology Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: April 2, 2011
5 ways to reboot your sex life

Delete jealousy
She’s thinking “He’s flirting with hot younger women, I know it.” Reprogram her hard drive Jealousy, like any bad habit, is an ever-worsening cycle. But you can beat it by applying the theory of psycho-cybernetics, espoused by legendary American thinker Dr Maxwell Maltz. All you need to do is bombard her brain with different perspectives, opening new neural pathways. According to a recent AOL Living survey, 53 per cent of women admitted they were secretly checking their partners’ emails and texts regularly. “It’s your silence that scares her, so practise the ‘over-exposure’ technique,” advises relationship coach and psycho-cybernetics expert Matthew Hussey. “Start talking about the other women in your life more often. Imagine you’re talking to her as you would to a male friend. Keep your tone cool, disconnected and non-sexual.” Repeating this strategy teaches her subconscious that your attitude to other women is purely platonic and she’s the only one you desire sexually. Sync with your friends

She’s thinking “His mates are a bad influence.”
Reprogram her hard drive “It’s not your friends she dislikes: it’s the mystery surrounding what you really do when you disappear en masse,” says Mark Vernon, the author of The Meaning of Friendship. “She is jealous that you’ve been out having fun without her.” So show her pictures of your nights out, with a stream of anecdotes. “Being exposed to this behaviour through photos will make her draw back from it,” says Vernon. She’ll value the nurturing side of the alpha male that you display with her. Exposing her to male bonding displays a conflicting side she doesn’t like and will withdraw from instinctively. “By removing the mystery of your antics, you take away her desire to be involved,” explains Vernon. By default, she’ll convince herself it’s her idea to leave you to it in the future. Soon your Friday nights will be wide open. Beat the sex firewall

She’s thinking ”I’m...
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