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Topics: Gender, Communication, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 4 (474 words) Published: October 19, 2014

Trista Saylor
Ashford University
COM200: Interpersonal Communication (ADM1430A)
Donna Mitchell

There are some things in this article that I do agree with and there are some things that I do not. According to “relationship expert Terri Orbuch advocates at least 10 minutes of quality conversation a day for couples” (para.1). To me this could possibly be a good thing but I do not believe that a happy marriage can come from 10 minutes a day. There is a lot that can happen in a days’ time that could actually do more harm in a relationship than in that 10 minutes of questions and happiness.

When it comes to self-disclosure I suppose I could relate to talking about my personal feelings and fears with the other person. My partner and I have talked about our fears, past relationships, and our future and much more. We communicate all day long with our mobile devices on a daily basis. Thus, keeping in touch with each other and understanding how the other feels or how they’re day is going. This article tells on how couples can get along better by communicating for at least ten minutes a day. For my personal experiences that I have found out that help strengthen relationships; is that every other weekend we take that whole weekend together and go out, get away from any hardships, and just spend one on one time together with no worries.

I do agree with the article to an extent, but having just ten minutes seems to be a bit linear. I see where she was going with this, but having strong communication is a great thing. Even if there is nothing to talk about; by having small pillow talk before bed helps drastically as

well. By pillow talk I mean, rubbing the others back or massaging. Talk about similar to unimportant interest, or just cuddling. So that could be implicated as the ten minutes. With gender...
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