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Topics: Personality psychology, Sigmund Freud, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: April 26, 2015
Influencing: others through leaderships, politics, public speaking, and marketing Organizing: organizing the work of others, managing, and monitoring financial performance Helping: others though teaching healing, and counseling

Creating: artistic literacy, music
aNalyzing: data, using math, carrying out scientific experiments Producing:

Techniques for assessing personality:
Casual observation
Just watching
“paige sits in front, because she needs to? Or because she wants to sit in front.” It is not going to tell you everything about a person
Casual observation matters
Shaking the hands often says autism unless they’re wet
Clinical observation
Watching them
Hearing them
Whats going on?
Structured Interview
Find a lot about a person in a brief amount of time
Interview as specifically as possible to get as much info as possible Unstructured interview
Does not have a set form of questions
Goes day by day
Allows us to get more infor
Grading scales
On a scale of 1-4 how do you feel or rate yourself
Self-Report Inventory
Hand to individual and fill it out
Projective Test
Oldest Approach

Current approaches to personality
psychoanalytic theory
Emphasized role of unconscious
Id, ego, superego
Id: the baby (feed me love me rock me hold me)
Don’t want to feel pain
Delaying gradification vs. immediate gradification
I want the best wife, best car
I feel empty I feel alone I’ll sleep with my best friend’s boyfriend Ego: Traditional mom
Mom knows how to care for baby and dad.

Superego: Rules (my way or the highway)
Constant rule making
Traditional father
Anorexia (rules rules rules)
I cant eat that
Type Theories
What is your personality type
Many personalities are designed to identify the types
Trait Theories
Define personality with regards to traits or...
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